Ladder Clamps and Padlocks

We offer both round and flat hook clamps, and clamps with extra-wide 100mm flat hooks. We also supply long-shackle padlocks to suit.

Ladder clamps and long shackle padlock

The ‘tied’ and tested method of fastening ladders to roof racks does not offer the best safety or security and takes time to rope up.

These lockable steel ladder clamps offer far better safety in travel, security whilst parked, and swiftness in clamping ladders, steps or similar loads, to roof racks. A standard set of clamps will fix a triple set of ladders.

Our ladder clamps are all bright zinc plated heavy duty steel, and packed in sets of two clamps.

Long shackle padlocks to suit these clamps are available separately.

We offer round-hook, flat-hook 55mm and extra-wide 100mm flat-hook clamps.